Correction to Newspaper Report

Dear Members,
Important Notice to all members – Future Funding

In yesterday’s Sunday Mail (16/7/17) I was quoted as saying that I ‘ …was confident the RSL’s creditors would accept an offer where they would be paid “100 cents in the dollar” from a range of avenues, including Anzac Appeal funds, sub-branch contributions and property sales.’

Having spoken to the journalist concerned, we have established that there was a misunderstanding on my part of the question he posed.

I want to make it very clear that there are two parts to our current situation:

• Dealing with our creditors – they will be paid after certain assets such as property are sold.

• Funding our ‘re-start’ – where we will need money from various sources to pay our employees and enable business to operate. I stress that this money will come from the generosity of some of our sub-branches, our ‘held’ ANZAC Appeal monies and other sources. No ANZAC Appeal or sub-branch money will be used to pay creditors at any time.

I apologise for any confusion caused and confirm that we are working very hard to develop a solution which will sustain the RSL in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Broken Hill.
Tim Hanna
State President