Rick Harley to step down from State Board

Today Rick Harley announced his resignation from the board of RSL-SA.

Rick has provided exemplary service to the RSL and the veteran’s community for over two decades.  He has spent endless hours providing personal and professional support and has enriched the lives of many veterans through his efforts. His commitment to the RSL and the veteran’s community is beyond reproach. From the preparation of simple wills to complex commercial and constitutional matters or assisting veterans and their dependents, Rick has made himself available at all times of the day to deal with such matters.  His pro bono work includes assisting a veteran (and many others in a similar position) with a claim against the Commonwealth Government for unpaid entitlements for service in Japan after WWII which will be the subject of proceedings in the High Court.

When State Branch undertook its restructure in 2011, Rick was invited to join the board as one of its first Appointed directors.  Since then Rick has performed an enormous amount of work on behalf of individual members, sub-branches and State Branch, all with  outstanding commercial and legal acumen, and a generosity of spirit that typifies the values we espouse.

Sadly, in recent times, Rick has been the target of relentless and baseless accusations questioning his personal and professional integrity seeking to impede or restrict his ability to support the veterans’ community.

In submitting his resignation Rick said “It has been a great honour to serve the veteran community and a great privilege to serve on the RSL-SA State Board, particularly under the stewardship of Tim Hanna. Whilst I recognise there are many current challenges, as there are for all not-for-profit organisations in the community, I am confident that  RSL-SA is making the right decisions moving forward and will continue to provide support for veterans for many years to come”

The State Board takes this opportunity to thank Rick for his many years of selfless service to the South Australian and Australian veterans’ community and whilst he has made the decision to step down from his State Board role, we have no doubt he will continue to help and support our Service men and women with his continuing pro-bono and professional support and through his ongoing role as a director of RSL Care (SA).