RSL State Conferences 14/7/18

The 2018 RSL Sub-Branch Conference will be held on Saturday 14th July in the Drill Hall at the Torrens Parade Ground, commencing at 9am. Each eligible Sub-Branch is entitled to be represented by one voting delegate, a proxy delegate and observers from its membership.

An Extraordinary Sub-Branch Conference will be held beforehand, commencing at 8am.  The purpose of this is to ratify the rewrite of the RSL SA State Branch Constitution and By-Laws, which include Model Rules (Sub-Branch Constitution). Service Members who wish to review and make comment on the rewrites are requested to do this through their Sub-Branch Committee and not to State Branch.

Sub-Branches should also notify eligible Service Members how they intend to handle voting on these proposals and other motions to be proposed at the state conference.

View the proposed documents via links below:

State Branch Constitution Rewrite

State By-Laws and Model Rules for Sub-Branches Rewrite