RSL Strategic Plan

Vision: To be the most effective and progressive advocate and service provider for Veterans and their families.




To be the most powerful advocate for veterans and their families, by;
• Advocating strongly for veterans and their families to all political representatives at all levels on issues of relevance
• Building effective relationships with all media and provision of high quality content
• Leading collaboration with other Ex Service Organisations and Government agencies
• Developing strong position statements on issues affecting the Veteran Community



To provide effective and progressive services that support and empower veterans and their families, by;
• Understanding and responding to the changing needs of our veteran community
• Developing strong partnerships increasing collaborative efforts
• Developing better models of service delivery
• Delivering high quality programs that maximise outcomes for clients
• Being the first point of contact for any issues of importance to veterans and their families



Foster and support the Australian ethos of mateship and social interaction, by;
• Working closely with our Sub-Branch network to maintain sustainable and vibrant facilities
• Implementing innovative Community Engagement strategies that embrace the diversity of our veteran community
• Developing strong peer to peer support networks
• Providing opportunities for our community to network, volunteer & promote the RSL cause



To remember the commitment and sacrifice of all those who have served and educate future generations, by;
• Conducting ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and other significant commemorations on behalf of the State of South Australia
• Sharing the stories of service and sacrifice with the community, specifically young people
• Positioning the VWM as the preeminent education and commemoration resource for the community
• Identifying appropriate RSL milestones of significance to be shared with the community



To operate a corporately responsible business model to ensure the ongoing economic and social wellbeing of our organisation, by;
• Engaging and acknowledging Staff and Volunteers and developing them to their full potential
• Aggressively pursuing new revenue streams and maximising current initiatives
• Undertaking disciplined management of expenditure and future investments
• Establishing governance practices which ensure the ongoing responsible operation of all Boards and Committees of the State Branch and the Sub-Branch network
• Capitalising on our Brand by securing significant partnerships
• Reviewing our membership model and developing new ways of engaging with the veteran community
• Engaging with our membership to evaluate and reflect their views to our best endeavour