The Voice of Stability

A simple code of mateship and nationalism explains the enduring appeal of the Returned & Services League of Australia.

The unswerving loyalty to mates and assertive Australian nationalism which give the League its strength are easy to understand. Read more about it here.

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Would the returned have become such a potent force in Australian society if the ethos of mateship had not already been deeply ingrained before World War I?

Find out how the RSL's concept of Mateship became so engrained in every Australian in our nation.

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We are a proud nation of people who come from all different backgrounds. However, we all unite under one banner - the Australian Flag.

Find out how the theme of Nationalism runs strongly in each of the RSL's members

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"The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance"

Find out how this motto resonates through each and every member of the RSL and the history behind its meaning.

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