State President Resignation from RSL National

Resignation from the board of RSL National (RSL Australia Limited)

With the endorsement of Board, I resigned as a director of RSL National effective today, 29 November.

I have taken this step because I do not agree with the current direction being taken by RSL National on a number of matters and I do not believe that the current approach of the RSL National Board to such matters allows me to properly fulfil my obligations as a director. I must also give priority to the reforms necessary here in RSL SA.

James Brown, the President of RSL NSW also resigned from the national board yesterday.

Notwithstanding my resignation, RSL SA/NT remains a member of the company RSL Australia Limited and has reserved the right to reappoint me, or another director, to the board as and when it deems this appropriate.

Thousands of RSL volunteers across Australia work hard every day to help veterans and their families in need. They deserve nothing less than accountable and transparent leadership at the national level.

Bronson Horan
RSL SA State Branch
29 November, 2017