Anzac Day Sports Message

State President’s Message: The State Branch and some other Sub-Branches are receiving complaints from the public in regard to the playing of junior sport on ANZAC morning.  Some people are becoming rather passionate about this.

Let us put this into perspective. 

The ANZAC Day Commemoration Act 2005 (South Australia) allows for public sporting events and entertainment to commence before noon on ANZAC Day on the proviso that there is no entry charge ie. Junior sports.

If families have attended a Dawn Service or Commemorated with Light Up The Dawn, then respects have been paid.  The rest of the day should have some joy in it.  I believe that if the women and men we remember on this significant day were here, they would encourage enjoyment after respects have been paid and remembrance has been observed.

We have been working with the State Government for clarification over time and will continue to pursue this to obtain a satisfactory result for all.

CHERYL CATES, RSL State President

View the Anzac Day Commemoration Act SA 2005