RSL & ACNC: President’s Message

Dear Members,

I am writing to inform you of some recent events that have taken place over the last weeks some that will have an ongoing impact on the RSL SA/NT. The news is mixed however, we as an organisation, should remain proud of our RSL and the good works we do in the Veteran Community.

Firstly, we have executed the Deeds of Company Arrangement which brings us out of administration and are the Captain of our own ship. Some of you have asked why we went into administration and what are we going to do in the future so as not to find us in that awful place again. I would recommend you thoroughly read the attached ACNC Compliance Agreement (attachment) and the proposed undertaking by the Returned and Service League Australia (S.A. Branch). These two documents, produced by the ACNC, describe some of the issues they believe we were in breach of.

Secondly, I am happy to report that the ACNC has decided NOT to revoke our charitable status. The above-mentioned documents indicate that they were going to revoke the charitable status of RSL SA/NT. The Interim Board made representation back to the ACNC on a plan to correct the failings in governance in the past. Some of the measures are in progress, and will be taken out over the next year are as follows:

•     The Development of a Strategic and Business Plan,
•     Improvement in the Board’s composition and Board Member’s training,
•     Increase in transparency at all levels,
•     The further development and implementation of:

o     A Financial Management Plan,
o     Forceful and scrutinized Conflict of Interest Policy and
o     A strong Governance Policy.

It has been the support and tireless efforts of the Interim Board, the Executive and Employees that have made this outcome possible. I would like to thank all our creditors for their patience, especially the former Employees. I would also like to give my unqualified thanks to those Sub-Branches that have offered to assist in the funding of the State Branch moving forward.

The future of the RSL SA/NT lies in all of our hands and we need to work together as a united team to achieve our goals and objectives. We need to move away from the past without forgetting it whilst moving forward for a more positive future.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge this auspice day and give thanks to those Vietnam Veterans and their families that served our nation so gallantly. It is this group of Veterans that I to offer my thanks for your service, even if the country you fought for did not say it when you first returned home from war. May God Bless you and the RSL.

Kind Regards,

Bronson L. Horan
State President